#3 – Ramadan Diary 1438 H

(Written on June 21)

Well, happy birthday to me.

Actually there’s no special thing that make this day different, and I don’t hope so. The thing that make my day more special : its lie on last 10 days of Ramadan. Hope we’ll get best reward by our pray and worship in this Ramadan.

There, there, 19th me. Here you are–you just in the boundary between your teen and adult world. Like the wise quote said, “Old is a gift, but mature is a choice”. Being adult and mature by time is a hard thing to do, but its a must.

Thank to the bad time–it teach you so many life lesson that may only make sense at the worst time, enriching yourself with those good (and bad) experiences, know yourself deeper, find the true best friend(s), and being grateful day by day.

You’ve been there : hated, rejected, being left. Just be thankful of all your past. I know, bad memory will always kept on my memory box, but I don’t mind, I always try to forgive anything. It’s not only about them, but also mine.

Cheers! We are gonna start from zero. I’ll try to be okay.

Here you are–I just want to give you some advices. From me to me.

Just focus on you, and stop compare your life with another.

Be kind all the time.

Stop being lazy. You’re gonna loose all chances if you’re not go straight forward to your goals!

Don’t afraid to set all goals in your life. In details. Time by time, organizedly.

Please, do persistence and grit on your work. 

Lastly, (but actually this kind of things always clinging on my head so bad) create your own definition of happiness. No doubt. If you’re gonna live on your own life, live it.


It seems too cliche, but just wait! 

Rewwin, June 22 2017. 13:57.


Notes : forget about all the grammar. Just trying to write an impulsive writing.



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